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Bassious Berry (Matthew Berry) fills the rainbow rock band with notes of straight awesomeness!  Hailing from the land of Gainsbuild, Bassious plays his own classified frequency of sound, which is what first drew the Rainbow Lady to his work!  His power pop stylings were simply too hard to not rock out too! Bassious Berry is similar to many Gainsbuildians, who learned at an early age, how to bulk up and work out, when not writing music and working in the studio, he can frequently be found throwing around weights and wracking up workouts.  But most importantly, never far away from Berry is his trusty side kick, "Cantrell," who sometimes is a dog, but really wants to be a raptor, either way Berry just wouldn't be Bassious without Cantrell!   The Rainbow Lady met Bassious Berry over in Iotapolis, when their music ended up on a CD together of bands from around the area, and was so excited when he joined the rainbow rock band!  Bassious Berry has been entertaining the crowd with jumps, leaps and head rockin kid pop ever since!


Bassious Berry


Matthew Berry is a multi instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer from Germantown, MD who plays with tons of original and cover bands with an extensive range of styles from Jazz to Country to Rock to Metal. 


Most notably, Power Pop band, Classified Frequency who has a new EP coming out in September and rising country star, devoN Nickoles who will be returning to the main stage of Lancaster PA’s Fall Fest in October with over 10,000+ in attendance. 

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