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Pattycake Patty

Pattycake Patty (Patty Moran) came into the world slap happy and hand clappy! Her youth, spent summering at the beaches of Beechmont dairyland, were filled with laughter, light, and lots of hand jive. Surrounded by her brothers and sisters, Fancy Nancy, Jeany Beany, Joany Boney, and the Blues Brothers Robert and Jimmy, Pattycake Patty was always the life of the party! Growing up on the illusive Toilsome Hill, this tried and true crew would create many an adventure in the neighborhood and beyond, but her fondest memory is with her nightime trashcan tambourining with Fancy Nancy, that could be heard late into the evenings. PattyCake Patty joined Rainbow Rock when the Rainbow Lady saw her be-popping along to one of their tunes, and  she has been a part of the band ever since.  She brings the party every time they play!

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