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Prince Pop and Walk

Prince Pop & Walk (Ryan Walker) in his vintage track suit and crown, brings all the poppin and lockin you can handle.  The Rainbow Lady and Prince Pop & Walk met when the Prince's band played at a festival the Rainbow Lady had created!!  However, they ended up spending more time together in the land of Iotapolis not unlike some of the other band members.  This hub city of musicians lead to many enjoyable shows and performances that the two enjoyed by many of their friends, and eventually lead to their own collaboration with the Rainbow Rock Band!  Prince Pop & Walk's amazing work on the keys brought some beautiful sounds to the Rainbow Rock Bands first album, Meet the Rainbow, lulling little ones to sleep with their song, Little One!  A regular at many of the Princes own band shows, the Rainbow Lady was so excited when he agreed to sit in with the band and become a part of the Rainbow Rock Family!



Ryan Walker, aka Prince Pop & Walk, is an accomplished songwriter, singer, guitarist & keyboardist. He has recorded and toured extensively, not only with his own band The Beanstalk Library, but with numerous other DC-based artists, including Melodime, Andy Zipf/The Cowards Choir, Justin Jones & Sara Curtin. He has taught private guitar, bass, piano & ukulele lessons for over 15 years. Hear his music at ~guitar, keys, BV

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