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Rockin Pupstar

Rockin Pupstar (Brendan Biondi) brings a burst of energy and rock to the band.  Joining the band from the far off land of Columbia, Pupstar is absolutely cleared for takeoff, which is how Bassious Berry and the Rockin Pupstar first met!  Pupstar and Berry met at a a rocket show and was recommended to the Rainbow Lady to join the rainbow rock fun! Rockin Pupstar passes the time in Columbia with his side kick Commander Christen and their Hero Dog Calvin, creating their very own Space Force.   The two train and play with the dogs any chance they get and head over to the Veteran Hospital to provide some support and relief to those that have served!  Rockin Pupstar brings the pop and then some!



Rockin’ Pupstar (AKA Brendan Biondi) is a solo artist from Ellicott City, Maryland. He’s also the singer/guitar player of the band Clear For Takeoff. When he’s not downtown rockin’ & rollin’ he enjoys taking his therapy dog, Calvin, to visit families at Walter Reed Military Hospital and the Armed Forces Retirement Home in DC. Drawing inspiration from his best buddy Calvin, he recently released his debut album “Songs My Dog Wrote” which is an entire rock album of songs written from a dog’s perspective!

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